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Creating a tax in the master

If you are using Incluziv Cloud for the very first time, then during the set up the taxes are already present in the application. However if you want to add up a new tax which could be missing or requires a modification then you cn do the following

Go to Masters >>Organization>> GST Tax master

You can add a new Tax by clicking on the Add New Button

You can then select the nature of the tax, whether it is a purchase or sales tax, the tax percetage and the name of the tax. As you would understand for Indian taxation purposes the CGST and SGST has to put in for within state transactions and the IGST has to be put for outside state transactions.

Please check on the picture above for understanding the same more clearly.

You can similarly create sales taxes as well and the same can be set for multiple tax percentages available in India for now.

Creating Banks for accepting receipts

You can set up your bank accounts in Incluziv Cloud for receiving payments to those banks using the receipts module. The advantage of creating your bank accounts using the master is that you can generate receipt statements as per the bank in which you are accepting payments.

Go to Masters >>Organization>> Your Bank master

You can add a new Bank by clicking on the Add New Button. Existing banks can be searched using the Bank Name list

You can add the Bank name, account number & your branch name. Please note this is not the bank which gets printed on your invoice, sales order and Quotation copies. For the same you need to update the bank details on your warehouse master and company master.

Please check on the picture above for understanding the same more clearly.

Modifying an existing Bank

You can simply modify an existing branch account by searching it and then clicking upon modify and updating the details you require.

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